Europe Vacation 2015: Swedish Royal Palace Courtyard

Europe Vacation 2015: Swedish Royal Palace Courtyard
This spread shows the areas around the Swedish Royal Palace.  The background of this spread is actually the clear plastic bag from the Royal Palace Gift Shop.  I carefully cut the bag apart and then folded it around white card stock paper to create this background, which I believe is the official pattern of the Swedish Royal Family.  (Note: I have learned that if you are going to use this wrapping technique that you must cut the 12×12 cardstock down about 1/4 inch on two sides so that it will fit into the plastic protector sheets when you are done.)

The left hand page showcases royal portraits from inside the palace, a picture of us entering the palace, and two pictures of the inner courtyard.  The right hand page has pictures of a military band that was performing, a laser cut wooden cutout of the palace, and an informational piece that I cut from a brochure.  The pictures on both sides of the spread are bordered in a black and gold paper to help them stand out against the light background.

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