2017: Hobby Lobby Headquarters

2017: Hobby Lobby Headquarters

2017: Hobby Lobby Headquarters
At the beginning of 2017 I was fortunate to be invited, as part of my work, to visit the Hobby Lobby Headquarters in Oklahoma City, OK.  In addition to having some time to have lunch with David Green and learn from him, we also were given a tour of the facility, which was incredible.

We were able to see the creative space (bottom left), David Green’s mock up store (middle bottom – which is a full sized store built within their massive warehouses), the storage warehouses (bottom right – doesn’t it remind you of the last scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark?), and the shipping system (top right – everything that is shipped to any Hobby Lobby store in the entire United States goes through this point!).  The middle top picture is of the Green families original picture framer which was what started this whole business!

I should note that the “Visitor’s pass” is not a real pass – they took it back from me – but I got a picture of it before I turned it back in!  But – that is a real Hobby Lobby gift card on the page which was given to me by David Green!  Don’t worry – I already spent it!

I chose the Hobby Lobby colors for this spread – blue and orange.  The left and right borders are fabric gift ribbon from a gift bag that I was given on the trip.  I carefully cut it and then used my sewing machine to affix the fabric to the border.   The “Live a Creative Life” piece was cut out of the gift bag that I was given.

It was a great trip – I learned a lot and it was fun to see where most of the supplies I use in my scrapbooking hobby come from!

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