2017: Universal Studios - Blue Man Group

Spring Break 2017 – Orlando: Universal Studios – Blue Man Group

2017: Universal Studios - Blue Man Group
The last night that we were in Orlando we decided to go to see the Blue Man Group.  It was a last minute decision, but as always, it was an incredible experience, and this time we added a large painted drum head to our collection of Blue Man Group souvenirs.  If you click on the photograph and enlarge it you can see it in my son’s hands getting a thumb print from one of the blue men after the show.  The blue men do not speak or sign autographs, but they will “sign” items by pressing their blue oil paint covered hands onto items.  You can see some of these prints on the white paper on the right hand bottom corner.

I chose a blue theme for this spread – after all it is the BLUE man group!  As always I made sure that the ephemera made it on to the page:  Tickets to show the date and time that we were there, and paper ribbon that was part of the show that we picked up afterwards, and this time my son was able to get some thumb prints on it!

HINT: Several of the locations will sell items and artwork made during the show at the gift shop.  I suggest talking to the gift shop before the show to see if they do this.  At some locations they sell it to the first person who asks after the show, and on a couple of occasions I have actually been able to purchase items before the show started.

This is the 7th time that I have been to see a Blue Man Group Show.  Once in Las Vegas, this one in Orlando, and all of the other times have been at the original theater in Chicago.  Look at the scrapbook spreads from these Blue Man Group Adventures: 2012, 2014, 2016.

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