2014: Blue Man Group

2014: Blue Man Group
Part of what is hard about hosting exchange students is that at the end of the year we have to say goodbye :(.  During the last week that Luca was with us his parents came to visit as well!  This was a treat to meet his family, and while they were here we took a trip to Chicago.  One of our family’s favorite things to do in Chicago is to go to the Blue Man Group (as can be seen by these pages from an earlier trip –> Blue Man Group 2012).

What was fun about this time was that our exchange student got invited to be a part of the show!  The bottom right hand picture shows Luca standing by the piece of art that he “helped” to create during the show.  Notice the blue paint on his face!

You know by now that I love ephemera and this page contains several pieces.  The white strips across both pages are pieces of string confetti used during the show, and the left hand page is covered with the plastic bag from the gift shop (the 3 blue men and the words “Blue Man Group”).  The pictures and the blue thumb print are behind the plastic bag.  The blue thumb print was lifted carefully from Luca’s face after the show and then turned into a sticker using my Xyron Sticker Maker in order to protect the oil based blue paint that takes years to dry!

I bordered the pictures, the ticket and the playbill in blue and rounded all of the corners on the photographs.  The playbill is affixed on the outside of the plastic sheet protector so that it can be opened by the viewer.

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