2017: Visit with Ouma

2017: Visit with Ouma

2017: Visit with Ouma
One of the days that we were in Germany Luca took me on a short trip to visit his Grandmother.  She lives in Gailingen, Germany, and has an apartment that looks over the Rhine into Switzerland.   The top left hand photo is of Luca on the balcony and in the background you can see Switzerland.  The bottom photo is looking back towards the church in Gailingen.  the right hand photo on the left hand page is of me and Luca’s grandmother enjoy tea together on the balcony.

The right hand page contains two pictures of something special that Luca’s grandmother showed me.  She has an encyclopedia collection, and one of them has a piece of American bomb shrapnel in it from World War 2.  The books belonged to her father.  During the war a bomb went off near their home (she had been sent into the country and was not there when this happened), and a piece of shrapnel went through their wall, through the bookcase, and part way through this encyclopedia before it stopped.  If you look above the photos you will see that I ripped a hole in the background paper to simulate this hole in the book.  I then placed a black piece of paper behind the hole so that it would stand out more.

In order to tie these spread together you can see that I took a strip of each of the background pages, and used it as a border on the opposite page.  I also used a small piece of torn black paper to add to the border, and used a black border around the photos on the right hand page to help them stand out against the busy background paper.

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