2018: Salton Sea Road Trip - Bombay Beach

2018: Salton Sea Road Trip – Bombay Beach

2018: Salton Sea Road Trip - Bombay Beach
As our Salton Sea Road Trip continued it became more and more bizarre – our next stop is an almost abandoned former Beach side resort called Bombay Beach, which is 223 feet below sea level.  It became abandoned as the Salton Sea started to shrink and become toxic.  Bombay beach is starting to make a comeback as an Art Colony with several residents turning buildings into large art sculptures.  It was over 110 degrees when we visited this location, so all of these pictures were taken from the air conditioned comfort of our vehicle!

It was fascinating to see the buildings, boats, and even construction equipment that is mostly rusting away in the salty and toxic environment.

I chose a two color scheme for the spread based on the two colors that are in almost all of the pictures – the tan sun and the blue sky.  I printed one of my wide panoramic photographs and spread it across both pages.  The background paper graduates from tan at the bottom through a dark blue to a light blue to mimic the photographs.  The other photographs are then bordered with a darker tan or blue border to help them stand out against the larger panoramic photograph.

I was unable to fit all of the smaller photographs on the spread without blocking part of the panoramic photo, so I placed them off the edge of the spread, and then used a paper cutter to trim them to fit the spread.

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