2018: Salton Sea Road Trip - East Jesus

2018: Salton Sea Road Trip – East Jesus

2018: Salton Sea Road Trip - East Jesus
After visiting Salvation Mountain, we took the very short trip to Slab City, CA.  We traveled through the small neighborhood of West Satan to reach the neighborhood of East Jesus. Yes – those are the names of these areas. I am not sure that I would call them towns, they are more like a collection of trailers and squatters trailers.  (See Map of the area).  While I felt pretty comfortable going into this area during the day, I am not sure that I would venture in at night.

In East Jesus there is an amazing recycled item art colony with all kinds of old items being turned into art.  When we were there we did not see any kind of curator around, but a few other tourists ventured in at the same time that we were there.

I took about 50 pictures at this location as there were so many interesting things to look at – but I had to choose these 8 to highlight on the spread.  I chose a fairly standard layout so that you could focus in on the very busy photos on a very busy spread.  I made the spread busy on purpose, much like the Salvation Mountain spread, to create the overwhelming feelings that one experiences in these unique places.  The background card stock are of industrial images to mirror the materials that were being used in the art.

I used my Cricut Machine to cut out the “East Jesus” title block, and did this in black to help it stand out against all the busyness of the spread.

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