2010: Kings Island

2010: Kings Island

One of the adventures that we had in Summer 2010 was a trip to Kings Island. I made two spreads to showcase this experience, both of them of which have interactive elements for the viewer. You can see these interactive components by sliding the bar across the two spreads so that you can see them both closed and open.

2010: Kings Island2010: Kings Island Open Map

The first page Has the tickets from the trip – we spent two days so needed 4 tickets and the green ones are for the water park. I also put the map of the park on the outside of the plastic page protector so that it could be opened by the viewer. You may wonder why it is sideways – this is so that when it is opened it will be the correct orientation for the viewer.

Since this is fairly early in my scrapbooking career I used a scrapbooking kit that I bought in the Kings Island gift store. I would probably still buy the kit if I was there today – but would not use it in such a pre-programmed way. The titles and the embellishments all come from the kit. Notice though how I used a keychain from the gift store on the right hand page.

2010: Kings Island page 22010: Kings Island page 2 Open

The second spread continues with using the premade scrapbook kit design and some of my own pictures. I used a photo from a ride and the photo sleeve on the right hand page. Please look carefully at my son’s expression – this is one of many photos that we have where he is making a funny expression for these photos. Notice also that inside the opened photographic sleeve also has an additional picture of my son on the inside. Here are the instructions on how to create an opening folder on a scrapbook page.

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