2022: Sight and Sound Theatres - Jesus

2022: Sight and Sound Theatres – Jesus

2022: Sight and Sound Theatres - Jesus

The first night that we were in Branson, MO we went to see “Jesus” at the Sight & Sound Theatre, which was an amazing experience. We had decided that each family member got to pick one thing that we would do during the trip, and this was what my son wanted to do. We had seen “Moses” on a previous trip and he loved that show and so he wanted to see this one.

Sight and Sound creates amazing experiential shows with an amazing stage, special effects, and live animals!  We were not allowed to take pictures inside during the show, so I did not take many pictures.

I chose a light brown theme for this spread to match the outside of the Theatre and the interior decor. I used Cricut Design Space to create the matting for the pages and to cut out the “ticket” and the crown of thorns. The spread is bordered by a double torn edge border, and on the right-hand side I used my sewing machine to stitch the leaf pattern. The lighter brown torn edge and mats were also colored using an inking technique to add some depth to the page.

The left-hand page has the program – which will be attached to the outside of the plastic page protector so that it can be opened to view, along with a logo that I cut out of the gift shop bag with a Creative memory circle cutter, and a crown of thorns.

The right-hand page has two pictures that I took outside and inside of the lobby, as well as the ticket from the event. We printed the tickets out ahead of time, so I cut it down, and then used a ticket graphic to make it look more interesting. I wanted to put this on the spread as it has the date and time on it, which helps to create a historic timeline within the album.

Below is a video from the Mascrapping YouTube channel which shows the creative process of putting this spread together:

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