Europe Vacation: The Louvre

Europe Vacation: Louvre

Europe Vacation: Louvre

We had a very short time at the Louvre, and I decided that I wanted to see one of the most famous paintings of all time – the Mona Lisa.  I have to be honest when I finally got to the front of the line to see it I was fairly disappointed – it is smaller than I had imagined it.

I tried embossing for the first time on this page – if you look carefully at the white box on the left page you will see an embossed fleur-de-lis, a common French symbol.  There is another one in green to the right of the Louvre ticket stub.  While I think that embossing is a cool technique, it is not one that I use often because it is often difficult to see through the protective plastic of the scrapbook albums.

A design element that I used on this page was to have a post card of the Mona Lisa on the same page as my photograph of the same.  While this seems strange I wanted the higher quality postcard of the painting on the same page as my lower quality photograph (proof that I really saw it) . I also used white to border the photographs so that the white of the Louvre ticket would not stand out so much, and I think that it draws the eye to the photographs first instead of the ticket.

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