Washington DC 2012: National Air and Space Museum

Washington DC 2012: Air and Space Museum

Washington DC 2012: Air and Space Museum

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After our short visit to the Smithsonian Castle we headed towards the National Air and Space Museum.  Online guides suggested that getting their early is the best option to beat the crowds and they were correct.  It was crowded for the first hour and got even worse after that.  Apparently it is one of the most popular Museums on the mall.

The Museum is a mix of history, the present, and even some hints at the future.  So, I decided that I would divide the spread this way – on the left hand side is the 1903 Wright Flyer representing the beginning of flight.  And on the right hand side is a reference to NASA and space flight.  I tied the two together with the horizontal bar that runs across both pages.  On the left hand side it is a piece of wood veneer, and on the right hand side it is a silver piece of cardboard.

The map to the Museum slides behind the piece of wood veneer into a secret pocket so that it can be removed and viewed by the reader.  The postcard of the planets is one of those pictures that changes images as you move it, so I think that is why it did not show up very well in this picture.  I also included our tickets to an IMAX show, a token from the Museum, and a NASA patch purchased in the Museum gift shop.

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