2013: Florida Spring Break Trip 2013: Getting There

2013: Orlando Spring Break Trip: Getting there

2013: Orlando Spring Break Trip: Getting there

For Spring Break 2013 we went to Florida to visit the Amusement Parks and the Beach.  Since we wanted to go to Sea World, Disney, and Universal the ticket prices were pricey (you get discounts for multiple days at the same parks, but not across the different parks).  So, instead of flying we decided to drive.  We started out after school ended on Friday and drove until I was too tired to drive and then I found a hotel that we stayed at.

We purposely took a longer route to Florida so that we could add to the number of States that my son and our exchange student had been to.  I used this page to highlight the routes that we took there and back.  Although it was crazy we drove all the way back in one day!

The background to this page is a real map that I cut to fit onto the pages.  BTW – it is expensive to do this – I had no idea that maps were so expensive!  I used a highlighter to mark the “there” and “back” routes.

The pictures on the left hand side of the spread are pictures at the Welcome Centers to each State as we crossed the borders.  Unfortunately we couldn’t get some of them since I was driving in rain and the dark and many of them on the way down there were closed.

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