2013: Road Trip: Temple Square and Casa Bonita

2013: Road Trip Across America: Temple Square and Casa Bonita

2013: Road Trip Across America: Temple Square and Casa Bonita

As I got to scrapbooking this part of the trip (Utah and Colorado) I realized that I had 3 pages of material for each of these two States.  I didn’t want to create a total of 4 spreads for six pages, so instead I used this buffer spread between the two States to accomplish this.
300 x 250The left hand page showcases our time in Salt Lake City at the Temple Square, the headquarters of the Mormon Church.

The right hand page showcases our favorite restaurant in Denver, ColoradoCasa Bonita.  I will be real honest that the food at Casa Bonita isn’t that great – but the atmosphere makes for a fun experience.  They have Mariachi bands, puppet shows, magic shows, and even cliff divers.  The restaurant is very dark, and unfortunately none of my pictures from inside the restaurant turned out very good and I had to resort to using a postcard that I bought at the gift store.

Putting a serious religious monument right next to a crazy restaurant experience could have been a dangerous thing, but I used the background papers to tie the two events together.  The left hand page is elegant and old.  The right hand page mimics the elegance, but changes color to match the colors in the postcard of the cliff divers.


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