2013: Road Trip: Utah

2013: Road Trip Across America: Utah

2013: Road Trip Across America: Utah

160 x 600Once the conference in Idaho was over we started the Road Trip back across the country. The plan was to stay with different sets of friends along the way and to stop and see a couple of sights in each location.

For the background of this spread I purchased a US map – which was expensive!  To make sure that I got the whole route on the page I highlighted the route that we took to get back home with a red marker. I place a gold dot in each city where we spent the night.  I then took the background pages (white) and put them over the top of the map so that I could make sure it lined up.  I then used a pencil to mark about half and inch around the border.  I then cut the map out along the pencil line.  The next step was to make a long straight cut down the middle of the map for the middle break in the spread.  I affixed the middle edge of the map to the middle edge of the background paper using sticky tabs.  The final step was to carefully fold the edge of the map over the edge of the background paper and then I used tape to affix the map to the back of the background paper.

After leaving Idaho we entered Utah where we stayed with some friends in Salt Lake City.  Our friends took us on a nature hike and we got to see snow in the middle of June!

I was trying to figure out how to get all of these items on the spread and still be able to see the red route.  To solve this I had to slightly offset the right hand most picture by raising it a little bit.  A second thing that I did was to create a pocket with a bottom border (gold) to slip the map of Utah into so that it can be pulled upwards and out.  On the left hand page the gold border is affixed directly to the page the entire length.

I also used a cutout from another scrapbook travel set to journal directly onto to explain what we had been doing on the road trip.


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