2008: Cirque Du Soleil

2008: Cirque Du Soleil

2008: Cirque Du Soleil

We were fortunate enough to have the traveling Cirque Du Soleil Show – “Corteo” come to town and we were able to get front row seats!  I have been a fan of Cirque Du Soleil for many years, but this was the first time that I took my son.  He was actually a little afraid at first, especially since we were sitting in the front row – he thought that it was going to be a scary show.  But once it started he got into it and now we are both avid fans.  We go to a show every time that we can.  In fact, I am a little scared to take him to Las Vegas because of all the shows there and I know that we will spend a fortune trying to see all of them!

The first spread above was really fun to make.  I love the bright colors of the Cirque Du Soliel tent and wanted to match it with the background paper.  So I found two solid colors of blue and yellow that matched the tent, and then hand cut the yellow stripes to lay on top of the solid blue background.

Because I love the tent so much I had a 8×10 print made for this page.  On the right hand side of the spread is a key chain that I purchased in the gift shop, and the Cirque Du Soleil Title is cut from the popcorn box that you can see my son holding in one of the pictures.

2008: Cirque Du Soleil: Corteo

2008: Cirque Du Soleil: Corteo

As you cannot take pictures during the show or inside the tent I decided to make this page full of ephemera from the event.  On the left hand side is the program from the event, and the right hand page actually contains material from the costumes of the performers!  Now, before you think I went around with a pair of scissors 🙂 – the gift shop was selling clear Christmas ornaments that were filled with these pieces of scrap material.  I paid way to much for it – $16 – but I thought that it was a fun memento of the experience.

To help portray the whimsy of the event I used brads to affix the light blue material to a white paper background and then additional brads to attach items on top of that material.  I purchased the peacock feathers and the white fluffy string at a local craft store to help finish out the look of this spread. I will share that this was an extremely difficult project to work on – the material kept wanted to move or curl the background paper – but it was worth the effort to figure it out.

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