2009: Dixie Stampede – Inside

2009: Dixie Stampede - Inside

2009: Dixie Stampede – Inside

This spread is the second from our visit to Dixie Stampede. It displays a few more pictures from outside, but also a few from inside.  The venue is dark inside and so many of my pictures from inside did not turn out.

The evening starts with a pre-show outside of the arena, which includes a blue grass band and a bull whip expert.  My son had a great time watching the cowboy use his whip to flick cigarettes out of people’s mouths.

The color scheme for this page comes from the medallion which we received at the event and the ribbon which was blue and yellow.  I chose blue background paper to compliment this, and bordered all of the photographs with blue and yellow borders.  I did the same with a ticket stub from the event.  I like to put ticket stubs on my pages at it serves as a great reminder of date, time and place of the event.  in this case it shows the price as well :).   So – if you plan to go to the Dixie Stampede – this will help you plan your budget!

Something that is important to point out on this page is the medallion and the ribbon – if you look closely you will see that there is nothing connecting the two.  There was a small ring that was connecting them, but it stuck too far out into the plastic protector page and I was afraid that it would damage the plastic.  I therefore carefully cut that ring off and placed the medallion and the ribbon close to each other on the page so that you viewer would not notice that this piece was missing.

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