2009: Chicago: Museum of Science and Industry: Harry Potter Exhibit

2009: Chicago: Museum of Science and Industry: Harry Potter Exhibit

2009: Chicago: Museum of Science and Industry: Harry Potter Exhibit

CraftsyThe main reason that we went to the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago was to see the Harry Potter Exhibition. Unfortunately this was not a permanent exhibit and is no longer in Chicago.  It does travel though, and at the time of this post it is in Sweden!  To find out its current location click –> Harry Potter Exhibition.

This was a fantastic exhibit which allowed us to view props from the movie, play a little Quidditch, and my favorite part – be sorted into Hogwarts houses.  I was placed in Gryffindor and my son ended up as Slytherin – hmmm – I wonder what that means.

Unfortunately we were not allowed to take pictures inside of the exhibition so there are not many pictures on this spread.  The top picture on the right hand page is in front of the museum – while it is hard to see, if you look carefully between the columns of the museum you can see Hedwig delivering a letter to us.   The second picture is of my son in front of the flying Weasley car which was in the entrance to the museum.  This page also has a Harry Potter bookmark that I purchased at the exhibit gift store.

The background on the left hand page is actually the paper bag from the gift store.  Also placed on this page are a postcard of Hedwig and a Gryffindor key chain – both purchased at the Exhibition gift store.



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