2009: Holiday World 2

2009: Holiday World 2

2009: Holiday World 2

I will start by sharing that I don’t know how I feel about this page – I like it in some regards, and feel that it looks amateurish in some ways as well. I decided to share it with you here so that you can see the development in my techniques over the past 7 years.

This spread showcases two rides at Holiday World – the Revolution and Pilgrim’s plunge.  Revolution is in the Fourth of July area of Holiday World and is a ride that spins around and presses its riders up against the walls.  I cannot ride this ride because I get very motion sick, but my son rode.

Pilgrim’s plunge was the tallest water ride in the world at one time and had just opened up this summer, we were some of the first people to ride on it.  Unfortunately I just heard that they closed it down because it had too many problems with delays and the lines were very long.

I decided that I was going to try and tie these two pages together by hand painting the background myself.  If you look at the right hand page you will see the steel girders of the Pilgrim’s plunge and then follow the ride down to the bottom of the left hand page where you see the large splash from the ride hitting the water.  This splash sprays over the red, white, and blue of the spinning revolution.

I hand tore the borders to the pictures from background paper, but I am not sure that I like this unkept look and I am not sure that I would do it again.  I also feel like if I was doing this over again that I would do something different with the girders on the right hand side.

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