2013: German American Club – Exchange Student Birthday Party

2013: German American Club - Exchange Student Birthday Party

2013: German American Club – Exchange Student Birthday Party

Since Luca is German we decided that we needed to take him to a nearby German restaurant for his birthday.  I thought that the German American Klub would be the perfect place.  We had some good food but were disappointed that only one person in the whole restaurant spoke German!

I should add that we decided to do this on Black Friday!  So we were a little tired from the previous night’s shopping.  We did not get up early to go shopping this year, because I wanted this to be a good surprise for Luca.

We got there a little early – i.e. before they even opened – so we had to get out and explore a bit, which created wonderful opportunities to get some pictures.  I often find that if I arrive somewhere early we fill the time with picture taking which leaves many options for me to choose from when creating the pages.  If we arrive just in time or late I often forget to take pictures afterwards, which makes for fewer pictures for the scrapbook!

This page has a simple design as there were many pictures that I wanted to get on the page.  I used a flat black background page and then cut yellow and red mats for the pictures to emphasize the colors of the German flag.

Side Note: I just bought tickets to Europe for Summer 2015 so that we can visit our exchange students – so not only am I looking forward to the trip – but there are going to be some great scrapbooks to work on for next year!!

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