2013: Barnum and Bailey Circus Adventure

2013: Barnum and Bailey Circus Adventure

2013: Barnum and Bailey Circus Adventure

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As part of our Winter Season activities we joined my sister and her family at the Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus. You would think that this might be a little too young for my two teenage boys – but they were thoroughly enthralled with the experience.

Most of the pictures were taken during the pre-show as my pictures from the event itself did not turn out very well due to poor lighting and fast movement.

Circus Hint: Get to the circus very early so that you can walk in when the gates open. This way you can get down to the pre-show floor entertainment early and get really close to the performers.

These pages are very simply designed as well, since the photographs and background papers are so busy. I chose to use the paint can background page to remind us of watching an elephant painting a picture during the pre-show. My pictures from that did not turn out very well, so the background paper serves to remind us.

You may be wondering why I put so many pictures of our exchange student on the page – it is because he was so enthralled by everything that watching him be engaged was as exciting as being there – so I took a bunch of pictures of him enjoying the festivities!

As usual I also attached ephemera from the event. I especially like using ticket stubs on my scrapbook pages, because they usually contain the date, time, venue, and event on them which eliminates the need for me to write it somewhere on the page (I don’t like my handwriting!)

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