Europe Vacation 2015: Gustavianum 1

Europe Vacation 2015: Gustavianum

On the fourth day of our vacation to Sweden we visited the Gustavianum museum.

Wikipedia shares that the “Gustavianum is the former main building of Uppsala University, built 1622–1625. The name Gustavianum comes from Gustavus Adolphus who in the 1620s donated money for its construction… Since 1997 it has functioned as the home for Uppsala University’s museum – Museum Gustavianum. Under the cupola is the theatrum anatomicum, the second oldest in the world added to the building in the mid 17th century by Olaus Rudbeck, professor of medicine and amateur architect, among other things.

The Museum Gustavianum includes exhibitions of objects from the university collections of Classical, Egyptian and Nordic antiquities, as well as an exhibition on the history of science and the history of Uppsala University. The Augsburg art cabinet, the best preserved of the Kunstschränke made by Philipp Hainhofer, which was given to Gustavus Adolphus in 1632 by the City of Augsburg, is on display in the Museum Gustavianum.

Since this building is almost 400 years old I wanted to create an antique theme for the series of spreads.  The left hand page includes some pictures on the way to the museum and a brochure that is mounted to the outside of the plastic protector sheet so that it can be opened by the viewer.

The right hand page has two very thin pocket strips to hold two more brochures from the museum.  I wanted to put all of these brochures in the scrapbook since there was so much to see in the museum that I couldn’t do it justice with just my pictures.    The squares on the strips are brads that are punched all the way through that background paper to help create stability for the brochures so that they don’t tip.

The brown circle is actually the ticket sticker that we had to wear while we were in the museum.  There are three spreads for this location, and I have placed one of these stickers on each of the three spreads as a clue that they all belong together. (See Spread 2, and Spread 3).

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