Europe Vacation 2015: Stein Am Rhein 2 & Waldheim Restaurant, Busingen

Europe Vacation 2015: Stein Am Rhein 2 & Waldheim Restaurant, Busingen
This spread shares two different locations.  The left hand side shares some more pictures from our time in Stein Am Rhein as well as the wrapper from a block of cheese that Levi bought in the town center at Chas Graf.  Notice that I used the Swiss flag as the background and cut the pictures so that they could fit around the cross.

The right hand page celebrates the Waldheim Restaurant in Busingen.  Busingen is both Swiss and German.  The town has 1500 people and is completely surrounded by Switzerland, but is also German!  Confused – so am I – so read more –> HERE.  The border of German and Switzerland runs right through the outdoor restaurant, so we had fun being in two countries at once.  It was also the first time I let Levi be in another country without me!  For this page I cut two Country pages in half and then aligned the photographs so that the border line ran along the divide of the two backgrounds.

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