2014: Mississenewa 1812

2014: Mississenewa 1812
Mississenewa 1812 is one of our local events that we like to attend each year.

Wikipedia explains the Battle of Mississenwa as “an expedition ordered by William Henry Harrison against Miami Indian villages in response to the attacks on Fort Wayne and Fort Harrison in the Indiana Territory.”

When we arrived we discovered that much of the reenacting was not a reenactment of the Battle of 1812, as much as a display of the different kind of troops from various areas and Nations that were involved in the Battle of 1812 all around the country.  This didn’t matter too much to us as the whole experience was informing, exciting, and delicious!

I chose reds and greens for the color scheme of this page to highlight the colors in the photographs that I took, and used simple borders for the pictures.  Something fun on this page is a candy wrapper from some candy that is wrapped to look like it is ammunition.

Hint for this event:  We always arrive early – besides getting to see the reenactors wake up, and watch the morning color raising ceremony, we get there before the crowds do and are able to navigate the event before it gets crazy and it is hard to move.


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