2016: Car Wreck and Hospital

2016: Car Wreck and Hospital
I know that not many people would want to make a scrapbook page about an accident – but – this is a webpage for scrapbooking for and by men – and men often view surviving a wreck as masculine – so here we go! (Note – there must be others who scrapbook about emergencies because you can buy a scrapbook kit for the ER (See below).

My son had a wreck slipping on sand and totaled our mini van.  The left hand spread shows the aftermath of the car and the right hand spread shows the aftermath of my son at the hospital.  Thankfully he was not seriously hurt, but unfortunately the car did not survive.

In addition to the pictures from that traumatic day also added the following ephemera:  The business cards of the police officer and the tow truck driver, and my sons hospital band.  I edited out the private information in this picture on some of these items.

I chose a unique color scheme for this spread – red for emergency, and green to play off the color of the hospital gown.   I cut the heart beat signal, tow truck, and ambulance all on my Cricut Machine. I put a double border of red and black on the photos to help them stand out a little better on the page.

Buy Reminisce ER Scrapbook Collection Kit

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