2017: Prom

2017: Prom

2017: Prom
Prom pages are always hard for me to scrapbook – they showcase an elegant event, but since these albums are for my son, I don’t want for them to be too feminine.

I feel like I was able to capture the elegance of this event with this spread while still keeping it masculine.  I used the Prom invitation color scheme to determine the color scheme used in this spread.

On the right hand page you will notice a large silver square – this is actually the pocket square that came with his tuxedo that he got to keep.  We thought that it would be cool to incorporate it into the spread rather than have it get lost in a drawer.  In order to affix this to the page I used my sewing machine to stick it.  After doing this I thought that it would be cool to then sew all of the other items onto the page as well.  In hindsight this turned out really well as it would have been hard to use sticky tabs or glue to affix the photos to the pocket square.

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