2018: Seattle Space Needle Cover

2018: Seattle Space Needle

2018: Seattle Space Needle CoverAfter the Retreat in Northern Washington we were delivered back to Seattle, and since my flight did not leave until the next day I started on the journey to go and see the Seattle Space Needle.  This has been on my bucket list for many years and I was excited to go.  I took the train from my airport hotel to downtown Seattle, where I then caught the Seattle Center Monorail to get closer to the Space Needle.  The Space Needle was under renovation at the time so there was very little to do at the top except to go out onto the platform and see the views through the completely glass enclosure!  It took a little getting used to put it was an amazing experience.

Tourist Tip: Order your tickets online for a specific time.  If you go to the ticket window you are likely to get a time between 2 and 4 hours later.

Again, like many of the experiences on this trip, I took a bunch of photos, and several of them were panoramic.  On this day I also collected quite a bit of ephemera, and so I knew that I would need to make this a six page panoramic fold out spread. There are special plastic page protectors that create a 2 page spread that opens up in the middle to reveal a 4 page spread.

Above you can see the 2-page cover spread that opens up.  I used Cricut Design Space to recreate the Space Needle logo and then used my Cricut machine to cut it out.  I decided to used the left over cut out as the top layer so that the logo is embedded deeper into the spread. I had one of my pictures re-printed in an 8×10 inch size for this spread and then used a double border to help it stand out on the page.  I used a jagged edge tearing tool to create the 3 layer border on the left hand side of the spread.

2018: Seattle Space NeedleI encourage you to click on the 4-page spread image so that you can see the enlarged version and are able to make the details out a little better.   This page contains pictures and ephemera from the trip.  We can play a little “Find the item” game – can you find the following ephemera?:

  • Ticket to go up the Space Needle
  • Stickers that I bought in the gift shop
  • Postcards from the gift shop
  • Train ticket from Airport to Seattle
  • Ticket for monorail to get closer to the Space Needle

I bordered the photographs in various darker colors of blue to help them stand out against the background.  As with all of my panoramic photos, they have to be placed and cut on the seam of the spread page break.  In order to get all of the items on this spread, I actually also cut and split one of the photos above the panoramic one.  The two cutouts on the borders of the spread are SVG images that I found online and then used my Cricut machine to cut them.  They are pretty fragile since the design elements are very thin, but I think that they create a nice border to the 4-page spread.

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