2018: Gatlinburg Vacation – DollyWood - 1

2018: Gatlinburg Vacation – DollyWood

2018: Gatlinburg Vacation – DollyWood - 1

When in Gatlinburg / Pigeon Forge a must visit place is Dollywood! My sister’s family had season passes and so they joined us for a day of fun in Dollywood. It was the Fall Season and so this entire spread is themed in Orange to match the theme of the park.

The page above is actually just two pages of a six page spread. These two pages fold open to reveal an additional 4 pages inside. This effect was created using Panoramic Fold Out Page Protectors, which are becoming harder to find.

I used my Cricut Machine and Cricut Design Space to create and cut out the Dollywood Title, and a jagged Edge Tearing Tool to create the borders. I layered the tickets and entrance picture 3 times in order to help this stand out against the lined background paper, and made sure that some butterfly embellishments were on the page as this is a signature item for DollyWood.

When you open up these two pages you see this:

2018: Gatlinburg Vacation – DollyWood - 2

You might want to click on the image which will load a larger version so that you can see all of the details. I used Fall themed background paper for these 4 pages and again used the jagged edge tearing tool for the borders on the right and the left of the spread. the leaf and two jack-o-lanterns were cut using my Cricut Machine.

There is a historic moment captured in the top left picture of the page second from the left. My son is pointing at me while I am wildly trying to not throw up. That was the third roller coaster ride for the day – all within about an hour, and my last. I didn’t throw up – but I had a headache so bad for the next two hours that I pretty just laid down. It probably will be my last wild roller coaster ride in my life – I’ll stick to the calmer ones from now one. Don’t you love how concerned my son was for my safety and health?

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