2010: Title Page - Volume 1

2010: Title Pages

Well, we just finished looking at the pages I made for 2019. I am currently working on finishing up 2020, and I thought before I show you my latest work, we should go back 10 years and look at the pages that I made in 2010 and 2011. So we will be looking at these for the next couple of weeks.

Remember that these years were still earlier in my scrapbooking experience, and I also did not have as many tools and skills as I do now – so it is interesting to see the progression in my learning and style. There will be a couple of pages where I acknowledge that I don’t like the way that they turned out – or mistakes that I have made. For a while I thought about remaking these pages to something that I like better, but I felt that the originals should stay as they show what I was doing at that point in time.

So, lets get started with 2010. The slider image below shows the two title pages that I made for my two 2010 albums:

2010: Title Page - Volume 12010: Title Page - Volume 2

I always wait until all my pages are done, and I have selected the albums that I am going to use before designing the title pages. That way they can fit the theme of the rest of the pages, but also tie in with the album covers.

The two album covers are a brown paisley felt material and so I selected a brown background paper with a similar design. I felt that part of the pattern on the paper was too light, and so I used acrylic paint to darken the pattern, and then a gold marker to go over the top. When you focus on this part you can see that it is not defined and appears a little messy, and that is what I was trying to achieve. When you focus out on the “2010 Vol 1” part, then it comes together nicely.

I cut out the Title letters using my Cricut Machine, and also attached a piece of ribbon to each page to add interest. I accomplished this by running the ribbon over the edge of the cardstock and then affixing it on the back with regular tape.

I always like to make my title pages the same for albums that cover the same event or year to help tie them together.

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