2011: Hesston Steam Museum

2011: Hesston Steam Museum

2011: Hesston Steam Museum

On a trip to visit my parents we went to the Hesston Steam Museum which was not far from their home at the time. This is one the best train museums that I have been to for families with small children. While they do not have a large collection of trains, they have a lot of interactive ways for young children to become interested in trains – especially three different size trains and tracks to ride on.

I chose orange background papers to match the colors of the museums sign and brochure. The right hand page has a design on it, but the left hand page is a solid orange. I did this so that the multiple pictures on the left hand page would not get lost in the business of a background page with a pattern.

The right hand page has our tickets from the museum, a vintage photo that we were given at the museum, as well as the brochure from the museum. This brochure is attached on the outside of the plastic page protector so that the reader can open it to see the inside. The small train at the bottom came from a Jolee’s 3D sticker set – which are still my favorite even though I don’t use them very much anymore.

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