2011: Rocky Mountain National Park Hiking Trip – Ute Trail and Estes Park

Our third day hike was going to be on the hardest trail for us for the week – the Ute Trail – and while I hear that it is beautiful, I knew that my previous knee surgery would make it difficult for me to the make the trip. Additionally, for this hike we needed someone to drop the group off at the trail head and they hiked back to our campground. The trail map can be seen cut as an oval on the right-hand page where I used a yellow highlighter to mark the trail that the rest of the group took on this day.

My son and I took this opportunity to go into Estes Park, Colorado. I found a scrapbook store to buy all of the embellishments that you see on these pages, my son had opportunity to go to Mountain Blown Glass to make a blown glass Christmas ornament (which still adorns our Christmas tree) and we got to eat at a Restuarant. I figured that since I was in the Rocky Mountains, I should try some Rocky Mountain Oysters which are shown on the right-hand page. If you don’t know what those are – you should follow the Wikipedia link :)!

I used background papers and embellishments which I had purchased at the scrapbook store. I chose not to put borders on the photographs as I have not done that on any of the other spreads in this collection.

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