2019: Tampa Vacation – Surf Style

Our first night we stayed at a hotel in Clearwater (that will be shown tomorrow) and realized that we were not far from Surf Style which we had heard had an indoor surfing machine. We set up a time early the next morning for my son to take a ride and he had a great time as can be seen from these photos. I was gracious and did not use any of the photos where he was face down in the water!

The background page colors were selected based on the color of the Surf Style logo, which I was able to find online in SVG format which meant I could use my Cricut Machine to cut it out. I used the left-over cutout from around the square of the logo to create a border on the right-hand page which helps to tie the two pages together. I also used the same color paper to border the photographs on the spread. I put a sticker that the store gave us for free when we were checking out in the top left-hand side. It is actually a transparent sticker, but the sticker adhesive makes it look like it has a slightly different blue colored background. We were given quite a few of these so I am sure that some can be found plastered around our old hometown.

At the bottom of the right-hand page is the wrist band from the experience that shows the date and time of his appointment and ties in nicely to the little bits of yellow that you can see in some of the photographs. If the pictures look a little blurry to you – it is because they are! I took them through some glass that was wet and steamy and affected the pictures quite a lot – these were the best ones from the myriads that I took.

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