2019: Tampa Vacation – Flight and Beach

During February 2019 I attended a conference in Tampa, Florida. I decided to take my son along and have a few vacation days on either side of the conference. This spread is the first in a series of the fun things that we did on this mini vacation.

The two themes for this spread are “Flight” and “Beach”. I chose background papers that had ground and sky (left) and water (right), and then used the same color paper for the torn edge border on both sides of the spread.

The left-hand page has tickets from our flight – which show the date and time of the flight which help to share the time frame of this vacation without having to journal. The tickets show the second leg of our flight, which was on a small plane that we had to board from the tarmac. My son through that this was unique and got some pictures which I thought would be great to put in the spread.

The right-hand page has pictures from our time at the beach and the pier, as well as a collection of shells that we picked up at various points in the trip. I used my Cricut Machine to cut out the Title blocks and then decided that I liked the video reverse letters better. I put a beach themed paper behind the cutout to help the letters stand out. I was working on using a black sharpie to give a border to the cutout and I slipped and made a mark across the front! I didn’t want to cut the whole thing out again, so I turned it into a curl to mimic a wave and added a few more on the cutouts. It looks like I did it on purpose! Also notice that one of the pictures crosses over both pages. I taped the two pages together on the back, then put the pages together, and then flipped the whole spread over to cut right down the middle in order to put in the plastic page protectors to fit in the album.

While I was walking on the beach one morning during this vacation, I wrote a blog on this site that led to the creation of a podcast that a friend and I did for a while, and that I hope to restart. You can listen to it here –> Episode 2 – The Beach.

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