2019: King’s Island

I need to start off this blog by saying that this is a spread that I am not particularly proud of and probably should do over. I would not have posted in on my blog, except that I did do one cool thing on it that I want to share.

After spending the night at Great Wolf Lodge, we spent a day at King’s Island. These are pictures from that day along with our wrist bands in the middle of the spread. Notice that I cut two of the photos right down the middle of the spread.

The cool part is the top right-hand corner. It is two small photos of my handstamp and famous blue ice cream from a nearby ice cream shop. The reason they look like they are on top of something – is that they are! I usually like to put maps and brochures on the pages so that they can be opened – but this map opened in such a way that only some unimportant things were showing. So – I cut a piece of the background paper to exactly fit the back of the map, and then attached it, and these two pictures to it. So, you can lift the map up and open it so that you can see this:

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