2020: Remodeling the new home

Since there were no exciting vacations or trips in 2020 and I had a new job and had moved – most of my weekends and time off in the later part of the year were dedicated to getting the new home ready for us to live in! And since not much else happened I decided to scrap about this part of the journey of this year.

This spread celebrates the buying of the house and a couple of the projects that I worked on. The pictures on the lefthand page are the plot lines of our property, a google map image that I used to show a fence company where I wanted a fence installed and the two new dog houses that I bought for our dogs. I wanted our dogs to be able to spend more time outside at our new home and so we installed the fence before the pets came to join me. I chose a green theme for this spread as well to match the green in all of the photos. I used my Cricut Machine to cut out the “Sold” sign.

The righthand page has pictures of our house from across the pond, a new birdhouse that I put up, the fence being installed, and new carpet being put down in my parents’ bedroom. I double matted the 4 photos on this page to give a little more interest, and to also create a contrast with the border on the righthand side.

Below is a video of me creating this page:

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