2020: Home Buying

When I came to Oklahoma to interview for my new job, I knew that it was important to do some house viewing at the same time, so I planned to meet with a real estate agent while I was here. I came to town on Saturday night and spent Sunday exploring the town. I interviewed on Monday and Tuesday, and Tuesday afternoon I was offered the job. That made the pre-planned house viewing on Wednesday even more important as I knew that I would need to find a place to live. I want to thank the team at Gray Real Estate for helping me find our great new home. The home that we bought was the first house that I looked at and I was only in it about 10 minutes. Every other house that I looked at that day was compared to this one, and I felt fortunate to put an offer in that got accepted the next day!

So, this spread is out of sequence in the book. This actually happened in June before several of the other preceding pages. But I thought that in this case putting it after the story of arriving, would not give away the power of the story that I shared yesterday about the rainbow.

These are the pictures that I took during that brief 10 minutes of looking at the house so that I could remember what it looked like, but also send to my parents so that they could give me their input as we had decided that we would move to this new house together. So, the interior is the way that the house was staged for showing and we loved the house and still do.

I chose green and brown theme for this spread to match the browns of the house, and the green of the grass that you see in the pictures. I cut the “For Sale” sign and the little house out using my Cricut Machine, and I used a jagged edge tearing tool to create the green border on the sides of the spread.

Below is a recording of me putting this page together:

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