2011: The Muppets at the El Capitan Theatre

The reason that we were visiting Hollywood was that I was able to get tickets to The Muppets movie at the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood. The El Capitan is featured in the movie, so it was fun to see it in the location of filming.

I had to choose Kermit green for this spread, as it features the frog himself! The lefthand page contains the movie ticket from the event which helps to place the date and time of the experience. I also put a picture I took from across the street of the marquee and the front page of the event brochure. I bought the plastic Kermit key chain in the gift shop and used a Jolee’s Kermit 3D sticker as an embellishment. I finished the page with a cutout of the Muppet cast taken from a brochure that I spread across both pages.

The right-hand page has a picture of my father wearing a jingle bells bracelet that we were given to use to make sound effects during the movie and next to that is the bracelet with the bells replaced with cardboard copies that I made to make it flat. You can see how these were used in the short video below. The photos are pictures that we took in the waiting area with large backdrops of the characters, as well as a picture of a billboard in Hollywood promoting the movie.

I used a corner punch to round all of the edges of the photos and brochures.

Below is a video of The Muppets Opening day at the El Capitan Theatre. We were there about 3 weeks later to see the show.

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