2022: Indiana Road Trip

2022: Indiana Road Trip

2022: Indiana Road Trip

In June 2022 I went to a conference back at my old institution in Indiana and made a road trip out of it to see some friends. This spread shares pictures from two days that we spent together all over Indianapolis. We went to the Woodruff Place Yard Sale, All you can eat Sushi and the old Coca-Cola distribution complex which has now been turned into a hotel and family entertainment area called the Bottleworks District. We stayed at a hotel called the Ironworks Hotel and had some fun playing in the kids industrial play area. I also spent a little time on my own in Garfield Park.

I had a difficult time trying to decide how to design this page and I decided to settle on a green theme – to match the colors from the outside pictures as well as the ceiling in the Bottleworks picture, and to play off of old Coke bottles which had a greenish tint.

I designed the mats for this spread using Cricut Design Space and then use my Cricut machine to draw and cut them out. The “Indy” logo I found online as well as the Coke bottle outline that you can see on the right-hand side. I used some green ink to shade the edge of the bottle to give it some depth.

I felt like there were a lot of pictures on this spread that needed some explanation, so I used the draw/pen feature of my Cricut machine to journal about the weekend. I realized that I wanted to get as many pictures on the spread as possible so I used a flip-flap photo protector for the top left-hand photo, and it can be lifted to reveal the journalling beneath it as can be seen in the picture below. Raising the flap also reveals a cute sushi that I also cut on my Cricut machine.

2022: Indiana Road Trip - Open

If you want to watch the creative process you can do so at the Mascrapping YouTube channel below:

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