Digital Scrapbook – Washington, D.C. – June 2012

Washington DC - Digital - Cover

Washington DC – Digital – Cover

I usually prefer handmade scrapbooks over digital scrapbooks because of my philosophy of scrapbooking that relies heavily on the inclusion of ephemera.  However, there are occasions when creating a digital scrapbook is best.  For me, this is usually when I want to create multiple copies for sharing with friends and family.  I usually also create a handmade version to keep at home as well, but a digital scrapbook is a wonderful gift to give to the loved ones who shared an experience with you.

In June 2012 I went on a trip with my son and my parents to Washington, D.C.  While I created a handmade album of the trip, I also created a digital version so that I could give one to my parents.  I won’t share all the pages from this album, but am highlighting the hardbound cover with a picture insert and the pages that commemorate our time at the White House.  I was able to create and order two copies of this album in about three hours.

Washington DC - Digital - White House

Washington DC – Digital – White House


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Digital Scrapbook – Disney 2010


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