Europe Trip: Pompeii, Italy

Europe Trip: Pompeii, Italy

Europe Trip: Pompeii, Italy

Our next stop was Pompeii. This was a sobering stop. To realize that this entire city was buried in the eruption of Mt Vesuvius and that thousands were killed was saddening. Then to realize that this entire area has been painstakingly excavated in unbelievable – the tons of dirt and rock and had to be moved!

What I am most proud of on this set of pages is the handmade background that I made on the left page. I created Mt Vesuvius from color papers and then ran rivers of red lava down the side of the mountain. Some of the ash clouds are made of vellum, a paper that is transparent and can be found in many different colors. I had fun running the lava between the pictures and their borders as this helped it to stand out much more than when I tried laying it under the borders. I also journaled on vellum on the right hand side. Vellum can be hard to stick on your page because you can usually see the sticker or glue that is used to hold the paper in place. In this case I used an invisible double sided tape to hold the vellum in place. I have also used spray adhesive to affix vellum before but I find that the spray adhesive is best used outside so not to make everything else around your project sticky.

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