Europe Vacation: Title Page – Book 2

Europe Vacation: Title Page - Book 2

Europe Vacation: Title Page – Book 2

I am actually embarrassed by this page.  I did it at the end of the two volume process (remember I did all of these pages in two very full weekends), and I just wanted to get it done quickly.  I probably should go back and redo the page.  But, there is a cool tool on this page that I wanted to share with you. In the middle of the “sun” is a voice recorder.  It allows you to record up to 30 seconds of sound or voice.  The reason that I wanted to add this to the page was that our tour guide played the same song every day in the morning on the bus to help wake us up to get us going and I recorded 30 seconds of that song and added it to the book.  Even now, 10 years later, this is still working.  Now, with the advance in technology these have become much smaller and there are many options that you can look for.  One that looks interesting to me is the “Sounds Easy” – and I plan to put this on my birthday and Christmas wish lists.

Here are some things that I would do differently on this page if I were to create it today:

  1. Not used the word “Book” – I would have titled it “Volume 2”.
  2. I would have used my Cricut to cut the Title out – it would have helped it to look more elegant.
  3. While I would have still used the bus sticker I would not have created the mishmash of other stickers that don’t really work together at all.

Maybe one day if I rework this I will add it to this page. 🙂

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