2007: San Diego Wild Animal Park

This series of pages chronicles our first trip to the San Diego Wild Animal Park with our friend Ash.  In my opinion the San Diego Wild Animal Park is the best zoo in the country due to its large open spaces that have multiple animals living in them.  Be sure to ride the tram through the expansive World Areas as it is the only way to see most of the animals at the Park.

For the spread above I sued animal print paper to create borders for the pictures on the left hand page, and to create background interest on the right hand page.  I did this because I did not have enough of the paper to border all of the pictures and still wanted to bring unity to this spread.  I used my Sizzix Big Shot to cut the word “Carousel” on the right hand page, and you will also notice animal print Fastenators in the corners of the right hand page.

2007: San Diego Wild Animal Park 2

2007: San Diego Wild Animal Park 2

This spread features “Seymour” cut with my Sizzix Big Shot and animal print fastenators. You know why the giraffe is named Seymour?  Because he can see more! 🙂

The background for the left hand page is actually a soft paper that was very difficult to affix anything too – while it looks cool, it probably would be better as an accent piece rather than a full background page.  I also didn’t want the page to appear too busy, so I used a plain brown background on the right hand page, but I think that it looks too plain now, and I probably should have put a border on the pictures on the right hand page.

2007: San Diego Wild Animal Park 3

2007: San Diego Wild Animal Park 3

Something that you must do on a visit to the Wild Animal Park is feed the Lorakeets.  On the right hand side of the page I used an animal print paper for the borders of the pictures and some accents on the page.  On the left hand side I placed a professional picture from our experience and cut out the Zoo logo from the cardboard sleeve that it came in.  I also used a patch that I purchased at the Wild Animal Park gift store.

Did you Notice something weird about these three spreads?  If not – go back and look at the pictures carefully.  They are placed in this order in my scrapbook.  Did you notice that my son is wearing three different shirts?  Well – that is because he liked the Wild Animal Park so much that we went there three different times within a month!  Instead of creating spreads for all three trips I combined them together in this series.  This is a strategy that you can use for something that you do often and feel that it would be overwhelming to scrapbook each occasion.


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