2012: Exchange Student Birthday

2012: Exchange Student Birthday

2012: Exchange Student Birthday

Our exchange student turned 18 while he was visiting with us, and so we went out for our traditional nice birthday meal.   He chose Texas Roadhouse and that is where we ended up.

I used a country material pattern for the background paper on both pages as it matched the ambiance of Texas Roadhouse.  On the left hand page is the envelope from the card that our exchange student’s parents sent him, as well as photographs from the restaurant.  I cut all of these out by hand with a pair of fine point scissors.

The right hand page has pictures of the boys before the meal, as well as the birthday cards that my son and I gave to him.  I mounted these birthday cards to the outside of the plastic protector sheet so that he could open them and read them again when he is looking at the scrapbook.

Hosting a Foreign Exchange Student

I just want to put a little plug here for serving as a host family for a Foreign Exchange student.  We had a wonderful time doing it – this was our first year – so much so, that we are doing it again this year. My son loved having a brother and learning about new places, and it makes our home a little more active 🙂

We used International Student Exchange for our agency and we had a great experience. I encourage you to go to their website (http://www.iseusa.com/) and consider serving in this way.

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  1. My wife and I have talked about hosting an exchange student once our boy is a little older. It would be a great learning and growth experience for all of us, I’m sure.


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