2008: Disastrous Flight to San Francisco

2008: Flight to San Francisco

2008: Flight to San Francisco

My son had never been in an airplane before he moved in with me, but was terrified of flying.  He must have seen some movie at some point about a plane crash because he was convinced that if he got in a plane it would crash into the ocean and/or burst into flames. 😦

Since I was planning a trip to Disney World to celebrate our adoption (See that Scrapbook HERE)  – which involved a 5 hour flight – I knew that I had to get him into a plane before this time to get him used to the idea.  I found a very cheap Virgin America flight to San Francisco that was supposed to be on 40 minutes long.  Virgin America has planes that are like being in a club – when you get on the plane you are welcomed by neon lights and techno music.  Every seat also has a monitor which serves as a TV, web browser, and game console.  I figured that all of these things would keep my son busy and that he would forget that he was on a plane.

Well – the whole thing turned out to be disastrous.  There was a storm in San Francisco, and we circled in very turbulent weather for over an hour.  My son, along with almost everyone else on the plane threw up.  I didn’t – but I was trying so hard not to that when the plane landed I realized that I was in shock and could not move my body at all for about 5 minutes!

I thought for sure that I would never get my son back on a plane after that experience – but when we got off the plane, he said “Lets do that again!”.  I had to sit in the airport for about half and hour before I felt like I could walk!

This page is dedicated to that first flight that we took together:

The left hand background page I painted myself.  I couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for in a scrapbook store and I wanted to have something that gave the feeling of shaking and disorientation to represent the storm and turbulence.  I used simple craft paint and a foam brush to put the paint on to the light blue background page.

I made the Title with my Cricut machine, and had to include one of the puke bags from the plane as a reminder of that bad experience.  I also attached our boarding passes.  To round out the page I bordered the two pictures with a red border to match the puke bag.

I used a cloud background page for the right hand side and had fun putting a plane sticker in the sky on this page.  I took opportunity to journal on this page which I rarely do, but I wanted people to understand the story that was behind this experience.  I cut the pictures on this page with a pair of decorative scissors to make them look like they have cloud edges, but I am not sure that I like the way that they turned out and I am not sure that I would do this again.


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