2008: Balboa Park Railroad

2008: Balboa Park Railroad

2008: Balboa Park Railroad

Located in Balboa Park, right next to the San Diego Zoo, is the Balboa Park Railroad. One day after visiting the Zoo, we decided that we would take a trip on the railroad.  I also purchased my son a wooden train whistle which I had to take away after 10 minutes of continuous blowing 🙂 .

While this page is fairly simple I did try out some new tools on this page.  The first is the Title bars which I made to look like luggage tags using my brand new Cricut machine.

I also used a new corner cutter that I had just purchased on all of the photographs.  I purchased a small BPRA patch which is located at the top right of the left hand page at the Train Station ticket booth.

The train track was very simple to make – I just used my Fiskars paper cutter to cut straight strips of black paper which I used for the rails.  I then cut more strips and then cut them smaller for the railway ties.  The worst part of this project was gluing all of those small pieces to the background paper!

As I look back on this page I have two feelings – one is remember the great time we had together on the train, and the other is realizing how simple this page is, and now that I am more experienced how I would have done it differently.  But, I never go back and redo pages, because that then destroys the record of my growth at the time.  And besides, I have too many new projects to work on to go back and redo ones done years before.

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