2008: Holiday World

One of the hidden treasures that we discovered in the MidWest is Holiday World. While it is not a Disneyland or a Universal Studios, it is a pretty amazing theme park.Holiday World and Splashing Safari are located in Santa Claus, Indiana.  Holiday World offers free parking, free soda fountain drinks and free suntan lotion, and for what I consider to be a low price – less than $40 per person per day.

I actually won tickets to go to Holiday world a few days after we arrived in the MidWest and we met my sister and her family there.  We spent one day together and then my son and I stayed an extra day (we got 4 tickets!).  Haklf way through the second day we started to get tired so we decided that we would get a quick bite to eat and then leave the park.  While we were eating a big storm started to descend on the park and they announced that they were going to close the park for safety reasons and gave everyone free tickets to come back during the next season!  So we got four more free tickets and enjoyed a trip back there the next summer.  It is this kind of customer service that impresses me about this park.  When I share the pages from our second trip to Holiday World I will share a great story about Pat Koch, the matriarch of the family that owns Holiday World.

Anyway, enough about the story around the experience – lets look at the page.  For the background pages I tore the dotted sheet into three pieces.  I used two to create borders for the left hand page, and then used the larger piece to put in the middle of the right hand page – which ties the two pages in this spread together nicely.

I also want to point out the border at the top and the bottom.  The top border was created using decorative thread which I pushed through eyelets made with my Crop-A-Dile Big Bite Punch. I also used the punch to place eyelets in the bottom border ribbon to hold it in place as well.

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