2009: Chicago: Museum of Science and Industry: Trip 2

2009: Chicago: Museum of Science and Industry: Trip 2

2009: Chicago: Museum of Science and Industry: Trip 2

This apparently was the year to visit the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago – because we made a second trip over the 4th of July weekend to visit the Smart Home Exhibit. We took the train again, but this time my parents went along with us.  That’s my dad in one of the clown pictures – see if you can figure out which one is him!

I chose a green background for this spread to recognize the “green” nature of the smart home which is showcased on the left hand page.  The home was very modern and square so I made sure that the arrangement of the photographs reflected the squareness.  I also though used green cutouts (using my Cricut machine) to highlight the soft contours of nature that surrounded the design of the house.

The right hand page shows several fun pictures of my son and father from the day, and they were placed in pinwheel formation to play off of the circus clowns and the energy of the day.  As always I had to include the tickets from the day.  I like to do this because it often serves as a title and date reminder for the event, since I do not like to journal much on my pages.

Notice that on the right hand page I created a border using the same color paper as the cut outs on the left hand page – I did this to create interest on the spread, but also to tie the two pages together since they had dissimilar themed pictures.

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