2013: Incredible Pizza and Korean Restaurant

2013: Incredible Pizza and Korean Restaurant

2013: Incredible Pizza and Korean Restaurant

This spread is an example of taking two different events and combining them into one spread.  I often have to do this for events or locations that I don’t have enough pictures or ephemera to make a full spread.

These two pages highlight two fun eating locations that we went to in the first few weeks that Luca was with us: Incredible Pizza and Ma Ma’s House Korean Restaurant.

Incredible Pizza is a Family entertainment restaurant:  It has an all you can eat buffet – which includes lots of Pizza – and all kinds of electronic games.  It also has an indoor mini golf course, laser tag arena, bowling, and indoor go-kart. I placed a mini kite that I purchased with my ticket winnings on the page – and you can see that I cut it carefully to partially fit onto the right hand page.  I had to remove the wooden dowel rods from it in order to place it on the page.  On top of the flag I placed my players card and the pictures from the event.

For the right hand page I played off of the red in the chop stick wrapper that also serves as the titling for the page.  It was convenient that the red from the kite also fit over on to this page.  I chose the background paper because I thought it complimented the red and I also felt like the design felt Asian.  I double bordered the chopsticks wrapper and a wooden ice cream spoon from a secondary dessert adventure to help them stand out.

I used a special corner cutter to create the photograph border to hold the picture, and decided to wrap the page up by embellishing the background paper design with some red decorative paper fasteners to add dimension to the page.

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