2013: Basketball at Banker’s Life Fieldhouse

2013: Basketball at Banker's Life Fieldhouse

2013: Basketball at Banker’s Life Fieldhouse

Shop for official Indiana Pacers team gear and authentic collectibles at NBAStore.comI am going to start off by saying “Don’t get too excited by the title – we weren’t watching the Pacers.”  A couple days after the Circus at the Banker’s Life Fieldhouse – we were back again for a high school basketball series of games.  It was a fun experience to sit close to the floor – something I have never done for a Pacer’s game.

For this spread I chose to use an orange theme to compliment the color of a basketball.  I also had a little bit of basketball textured paper left over from another project which I used as a centering mat on the right hand page.  The pages looked bland just using the orange background paper, so I added a torn piece of paper to the left hand side of the spread to create some additional interest on the page.

I used pictures from before the event to show the location of the vent, pictures from during play, and a great shot of the projection screen while it was showing our exchange student cheering.

As usual the ticket and the program from the event went on to the page as well.  I usually affix the program to the outside of the plastic protector sheet, but in this case I did not do that.  The program was thick and heavy and would have made the page difficult to turn if it were on the outside of the plastic protector sheet.  It also did not have much information inside other than ads that I did not think that the viewer would want to look at in the future.


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