2014: Indianapolis Motor Speedway

2014: Indianapolis Motor Speedway

2014: Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Our exchange student’s grandmother, aunt, and cousin came to visit for a week while he was staying with us.  We wanted to take them all to see the local attractions and being near Indianapolis, this included the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.  The Speedway has a museum that is very cool to look at, although I am not sure that it would keep the attention of younger children.  You can also take a bus ride around the track which is a lot of fun to do.  It gives some sense of how long of a track it is, and how fast the Indy cars are going.

For this spread I used some “road line” picture background paper on the left hand page, and regular grey cardstock on the right hand page.  To mimic the brick finish line on the track I used some brick paper and put it vertically on the page.   As you know part of my philosophy of scrapbooking is to include ephemera from the location or event that we have visited – so this spread includes tickets to the museum and bus ride, a pressed coin, a sticker from the museum, and of course, a brochure from the museum.

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