Europe Vacation 2015: Gamla Uppsala

Europe Vacation 2015: Gamla Uppsala
After visiting the Gamla Uppsala Museum we proceeded outside to look at the Viking burial mounds and to climb to the top of two of them.  I loved the green colors in the picture and in the tourist guidebook that I bought at the museum store, so I wanted to theme this page in greens and blues.

I decided to make this page a little more artistic and made the background pages myself to match the three burial mounds.  I used blue cardstock as the base, and use sand paper to rub away some of the color to give the impression of clouds.  I then cut green and yellow cardstock to look like the mounds and the walkway.  I outlined these two in black marker to help define them a little more and to help them stand out.  I then used a black marker to hand draw in the fencing.

The photographs are bordered in a slightly different green to help them stand out a little bit more.  The guidebook is a little heavy to mount on the outside of the plastic sheet protectors as is my usual practice, so instead it is held in place by a strip of cardstock that is attached to the page with brads.  If the viewer wants to read the guidebook they would need to pull the whole page out and then slip the guidebook to the left to remove it from the holder.  While it is not as convenient for the reader, I believe that it will hold up for a longer time frame doing it this way.
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